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Join us in fighting the spread.

Knowing where coronavirus is circulating in our communities will help us block its spread. A few drops of blood from your finger is all that's needed to help us all get back to the Idaho we love.

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How it Works

Make an appointment

To register for a test, select the link below.

Present at test center

Complete the survey and book an appointment. Be sure to take a screenshot or print your mobile pass QR code.

Provide blood sample

Show up at the testing center at the time of the appointment. Have your QR code ready and please wear a mask.

Get your Results

You will receive a text message with your results within 30 minutes of your antibody test.

Schedule a test

To get a COVID-19 antibody test, please make an appointment and complete a questionnaire prior to arrival. You will be asked to present a mobile pass upon arrival at the test center.


Resources for you if you are participating in the study or have questions about COVID-19

What is the purpose of this study?

The COVID-19 Response Group will launch a pilot study to identify the feasibility of using COVID-19 Lateral Flow Antibody (LFA) tests in the community setting. Our mission is to bring widespread no-cost antibody testing, education, and prevalence evaluation to Blaine County residents. We received approval of the study protocol from Western Intuitional Review Board to provide antibody testing for our community. An initial round of participants will be tested and then the study will be expanded with more testing.
The study will examine four LFA tests to identify sensitivity and specificity, using associated technologies to perform and read tests. We are enthused about our partnership with Gauss Surgical, a leading developer of digital decision-support tools for the medical frontlines, we will use the Apollo and Artemis applications.

Why was I chosen to be in the study?

All Blaine County residents received a mailer inviting them to participate in the study. To participate in the study you need to book a test appointment. Limited appointments are available at this time. We look to expand out testing study to include the entire population of Blaine County. If you could not book a test appointments that means all available slots are full at this time. Please check back as more spots will open up.